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Here I sit by the side of the road, reflecting on this path that I have “chose”
struggle to cut the ties that bind, the ones entangled inside my mind
wishing to lunge a fist inside, to find the pain, trying to bleach that blackened stain
I’d hold it up for all to see, for this is what you see as me
it is me to blame for what is not, it was mine to feel, it was me I fought
it was quite a performance that I had given, the road less travelled was well worth livin’
but on this road I can no longer stay…so  here stands my life across the way

I wander back in, for one more look, through these broken doors, that are my book
I walk on stage this one last time, and gather the remnants, of what was mine
I take a bow to end the show, the time has come for me to go
even with so much more left unwritten, no audience remains, no one to listen
the empty theatre sits silent and still, the echoes still ringing from what was so real
banners lie tattered and torn and crushed, the laughter and dreams and hope, now hushed
I smile and appreciate all that has been, remembering this amazing story I was in
etching of memories can never be erased, no stones un-turned, no fears un-faced
lessons learned along the way, providing the character and inspiration I need today
I remove this bandage now, I am done healing, the wounds are gone, an unknown feeling

I close the book, not just the chapter, I’ll leave it here, happily ever after
and when you pick up this book, know that this was for you to keep
it’s ok to take another look and it’s ok to remember and weep
this was a moment in time, filled with risk and struggle and much prevailing
there is nothing of this tale that can be thought of as failing
a lifetime of travels takes you miles from your beginning
nothing of that journey can be anything other than winning
I set you free, or so I think, the time has come, to swim or sink
I hope that you choose to try, and even find that you can fly
find happiness and peace nearby, and that is how I’ll say goodbye

I step back outside, into the light, the sun sets on the theatre, one final night.
walking up the road a bit, there lies a sign, this way or that way?  The choice is mine.
I sit on this rock, conveniently provided, I look at the horizon, dimly lighted
the time is now, to start anew, an unknown adventure, a rendezvous
somewhere near or far, certain to be, someone stands unknowingly, waiting for me
another story awaits, fresh pages to fill, a new path to discover, and love still?
only time will tell, and so will I, when we meet again…it’s time for me to fly.

Sm 05-02-17



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Temptation by the devil – woven into society – hidden in plain sight – desired, deserved, justified

“As I take over your mind – you are no longer in control – there is no decision to be made – for I have seeded you with pride”

“I can never be challenged – my needs engraved in stone – never to be questioned – to be protected with your life”

empathic failure – the stones are getting cold – defective systems – it’s time to pay the price

Life Possessed – feeding the devil inside – Life Repressed – blinding the insightful eye

I am GOD – I am HELL – I am LIGHT – yet I am LOST

“Let us walk today side by side – Under the veil of society – I’ll tell you what to think – and You tell me I am right”

look inside

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Unrooted, uncertain and unknowing
Pressure mounting, cracks are showing
Instinctual grasping to fill the space
Overwhelming desire reveals its face
Pulled outside the fragile borders
Desperation now giving the orders
Can’t you see me? I am screaming inside
Longing for an embrace, a hello…a goodbye?
For in this world, growing ever dimmer
I am blinded by your light, even a simple glimmer
Throw me all your scraps
Just a taste is all I need
I will follow you down the path
To wherever it may lead
The craving has overtaken
It is me who I have forsaken
feeding on the emptiness
breeding the non-forgiveness…
…Now that I have done all my deeds
I have answered your pleads
Where is the validation owed?
What of the loyalty showed
There must be more that I can do
And on and on, I will oblige you.


4 years

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you go. you return
inside you were never there
where do we go, why do we return?

again the show goes on
for what we perceive
is a benefit to me

the journey cast aside
the destination, unattainable
but toward the light, we go.

to live, to die
to remain alive
to remain in my mind

like fuel, expended
a new day creates a new hunger
and that which was forged for yesterday
at all cost and with desperation
is gone and used and hollow



not undecided

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not undecided. not quite

its not as bad as it seems

its not as good as its been

the other side we don’t care to know

the twisted truth they choose to show




Countless Skies

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Countless times below me
Rivers rose and fell
Ageless stones eroding out
Across the endless swell

Songs to pave the seasons
Wounds to follow birth
Cries to carry through the night
Wombs to feed the earth

Countless skies above me
Each unlike the next
Lines of more than moon and sun
Glimpses of a text

Countless hands have sought me
Reaching out in vain
Permanence observes without
Compassion or disdain

Flames to greet the harvest
Storms to face in awe
Winds to weave through every wood
Walls to dull the road

Purpose lost to frailty
Craning blades of grass
Strength and weakness on and on
All that is will pass

Countless hands have sought me
Reaching out in vain
Permanence observes without
Compassion or disdain

Flames to greet the harvest
Storms to face in awe
Winds to weave through every wood
Walls to dull the road

Countless waves around me
Strong until the last
Leaning into dimming dreams
All that was has passed



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wandering to the center of the universe, stars drift by like leaves in the wind
observing beautiful chaos, in an orchestrated disaster,
destructive intentions with constructive results, the creation of a masterpiece
hidden in the deep, masked inside of nothing, right before your eyes, yet unseen to all
swirling into forever, bringing me infinity, and always inches out of reach
out stretched arms will tremble, the clueless with follow and take their place
fitting together like pieces of the puzzle, without effort and only by chance

2/19/11  sm