a man not knowing

Posted: February 16, 2011 in Brainal Leakage

in this life we all have our place, in this place we have our purpose,and in this purpose we find our home- but to find this place, comes a long journey where we must gain the will.

and on this journey we have our experiences, and in these experiences we gain skills, and with these skills we find our ability to make this journey – but to get our  experiences for this journey, comes many lessons to learn and much pain to endure

and to come upon these lessons and to feel this pain, we must come with curiosity and courage -but to know that you must take this course, is fates choosing…?

a man not knowing, will encounter his pain, and learn his lesson, with much struggle and tears.
quickly he moves on.

a man with new knowledge will encounter his challenges and fail, face his fears and cower.
yet he moves on.

a man with new wisdom will learn the path to his home, and endure the journey with weary feet, for days on end.
determined he moves on.

a man with nothing left, will reach his home with nothing more to gain, but knowing he is at home, with a lifetime to give. and that is his purpose…and he is fulfilled.
and there he stays.



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