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Friday Morning (Armageddon)

Posted: January 24, 2009 in Food and drink

– barely able to rise from the deepness of sleep, the day moves forward without regard for my desires. unable to resist the magnetic pull i succumb to the dakrness from which i came. i wander back into the depths of my mind, the comfort this time is greater than before, i float away without a care. everything is at peace…at rest, at last.
– waiting for something. feeling the presence but not knowing where it stands or when it will arrive. i lie still with the unknowing in hand, the numbness of my mind is noticeable. the fear of the unknown creates an uneasiness as i wait for…
– the sun peaks through the gray sky above. a glimmer of hope to a shattered heart in the abyss of life. this road leads only one direction, and there is no turning back now. As the trail behind us crumbles and falls with every new step, i wonder if standing and falling would be less painful. finally, i fight thought the darkness and into the faint new light. the new born shadows appearĀ to move across the walls like shadows moving across the walls. I rise with the sun, reluctantly.
-sitting in daylight, pushing against forces that try to drag me through the earth, i see only faint images in the room as i struggle to remain upright. evil lurks around every corner and pulls at my eyes, daring me to give in and fall back into the depths of darkness. the thought is soothing, i resist with all my energy, losing ground as the seconds pass. oh to be able to just curl away and let the phantoms take me away to the place where nothing is real, except for the beautiful sense of dark tranquillity. i vow from this day forth to never don’t get some coffee.

I don’t really know

Posted: April 27, 2005 in Food and drink

I don’t really know what a blog is.