piece of mind

Posted: February 15, 2011 in Brainal Leakage

while some waves may still ripple, and uncertainty still remains
the waters may yet rise, as black skies still threaten rains

but from here things are clearing, the sun breaks through
storms move off into the distance, the clouds no longer block my view

that which seemed to be taken, and drifting out of reach
has returned with sanity, and brings new wisdom to speech

with it come the comforts, inspiration and strength, to lead
the confidence  and courage, when faced with adversity, i need

no longer the panicked grasping, at a skillfully painted mirage
no more is the fear to cross the dangling bridge, or to scale the crumbling walls

for within every struggle, a valuable message is given
and i am reminded of who i am, in this life that i live in

in retrospect, you see, the storm was real and the war was true
but the enemy was not… i now know, ‘this battle is within you

that which was my anchor, was never the disturbing force
all this time, moving away, it was i who had drifted off course

with every accusation that this life was pushing me astray
truth is, it has always been me, who was just wandering away

only as winds were changing  and the currents had shifted
did i see, i could get closer, the less that i resisted

as days passed and nights went by, with many a helping hand
stability was returning, and rock replaced the shifting sand

so now with renewed spirit of an unmatched kind
i come back to my true place, i got home just in time

returning from this unforgettable journey, to find a piece of mine
i retake my position with determination, pride and peace of mind



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