in turn

Posted: February 9, 2011 in Brainal Leakage

for he who only speaks it, can not truly know it , and he who knows it, can not convey it in words, to postpone the punishment due, at the blight of others, a cowards choosing, he must reveal his true self, in the face of adversity, in turn, he must take his place on the cross, he will never question his choice, there will be no recognition, there will be no appreciation, there is no reward for repairing that which was first unbroken, and those spared, will never know the pain he now holds inside, the sacrifice unspoken, the screams unheard, the twisting never felt…and days will pass, but the remnants will always remain, beneath he harbors the war within, on the surface  a steady calm, a smile in knowing, a rejoice in being, a satisfaction in perfecting, to what does he owe this, to all but himself, he forever lives undeserving, forever owing, and never to forget. sm

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