Posted: February 8, 2011 in Brainal Leakage

the sunrises, and for once, i rise with it. today is a special day. when i conquer my biggest weakness, i will no longer be limited by myself. the world is mine for the taking, and take it i shall. open mind, open eyes, open doors. maybe it is time. time to decide, time to be what i am supposed to be, not what i have allowed myself to become. as i grow from the inside out, i realize my place in life, in others lives. as i answer all the questions that create doubts and distort my focus, with answers etched in stone, my path becomes clear. as the path lights up, i can move in the right direction once again. i pick up the remnants of what this is, salvage what i can and leave behind what only weighs me down. for this i am better, but this is not the place for me to stay. and i move on.  so let the path weave, and stray, but never let us lose ground on our destination. our purpose. our journey. rise and fall…and rise again. beat me down and break me, i remain…it resonates with me…it motivates me and it keeps me out of the darkest of holes where many go to die. not i. surely..not i. i accept this challenge, taking the wildest bull by the horns, perseverance in the face of sure demise. not on this day, i will not lay down.  let this new build take his place. maybe, it’s time. sm

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