Senses Tied

Posted: March 29, 2009 in Music

Riddled by the trappings of words that makes the edges blur
here on the outskirts of sincerity and pride

stretched as far as words can reach by the lure of higher meaning
there’s something out there, lost behind the power lines

Lost all faith in promises and deadlines closing in
tired of deciphering the wayward strands of truth

Sure we’ve had a good run with vowels, nouns, and letters
but within its very nature, the ability to distort

there’s nothing in the words I hear that makes me want to take a stand
it has gone on for far too long, I choose to disengage

the ends of our conditioning to swallow, take and like it
rather keep me in the dark than look me in the eye and lie

I don’t care
‘Cause I can’t feel
I don’t know…anymore

It’s all the same things pulling us down
to senses gone I cheer,
It’s all these same things making us blind,
There’s nothing here for me

Hear it coming…heading for you now

I can’t even stand the tone of arrogance and denial on display
here you are listless, left for deaf, thinking about what standards we set

in times of weary tongues and ears that hear no end to it
unwilling or unable?
the difference left for times judgment

it’s all the same to me

it passes on from wicked mouths as victim takes on another role
new bold oppressor, our teacher’s product now stands tall


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