ouch … again

Posted: March 15, 2009 in News and politics

just a warning to you all, there is a terrible case of midnight beatings going around. You know you have been attacked if you wake up after 1pm. You were apparently knocked out all morning from the hits to the head. Immediatly after you open your good eye, you feel the intense pounding as a result of the massive head trauma. Not even wearing a  helmet all day and night will prevent this midnight beating. They know the code to the chinstrap and are very sneaky while you sleep. Occasionally you wake up and find your ass is also in pain, that has nothing to do with the midnight beating but you can tell the cops that and avoid the embarassing story of the previous night. I only hope you are not the next victim. keep your helmet close and your sleeping bat closer. I’m hungry.
wbs  exe
  1. exe says:

    this is so dumb. i regret making this post. but i wont delete it because it will help me remind myself just how dumb i am…and desperate for attention. no is laughing at this…it is an epic failure of mass porportions. fn sad.

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