4:30 pm – Friday

Posted: November 21, 2008 in Brainal Leakage

as i sit here
waiting for 5:00 to come
i listen to the ridiculous amount of slayer songs from ozz
and i think to my blogself
what good is the next 30 minutes?
my morning coffee is now taking its toll
everyone has vacated the premises
and only the rumble of the manufacturing machines remains
i watch cars pass out the window
as the lucky are almost home
what can really be gained from sitting here for 30 minutes?
why do today what you can put off until tomorrow
and so i put off everything until tomorrow today
and i get an urge to spill my brain on the page
to pass the time and pretend someone will care
now is a good time
to be sitting on a porch with a beer and banjo
or a watermelon and a harmonica
or a guitar hero guitar and a lollypop
now that would be good times
and i make good the title of the site
oblivious, by design.
basically, yah i know it doesnt make sense
thats what i want it to not do
and so it does…or doesnt
it certainly does
one of those
next time, i have serious matters to dump on ya’ll (that one person)
cos i was looking back at my old blogdays
damn that was fun and not so fun
but mostly fun
maybe i should try that again
just maybe i will
  1. †‡Ôzz¥†‡ says:

    Well yes your welcome want more slayer you say? lol

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