Posted: March 13, 2007 in Brainal Leakage

went to Roswell for a family funeral and a few birthdays
i’ll tell you all about it later…
k back: red lobster, birthday, shots on fire, beer, crack party, beer, hurricane harry, beer, houdini crackhead tricks, drunk guy, beer, some chick, chris laying in the middle of the road while it rains, sun comes up, 10  hours to home, my head hurts me so.
  1. ŞŦØЯМ says:

    yeah well, i never forgot ya mateum kinda still here toojust gettin a job n such but would love to say hi again

  2. ThaShizniz-Beotch says:

    Oh yea, its all coming back to me now.  I was schooled by a child.  Humilty goes well with blue koolaid.

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