rat face

Posted: October 23, 2006 in Brainal Leakage

not sure what happen
I own 2 pet rats
very cool pets
the one that my son sprayed with windex
became loopy , probably lost
some rat brain cells. But it lived and always seemed to be
rocking slowly back and forth like it was stoned or something & just
staring into space. So anyway this one rat became rather acrobatic
and would always be hanging from the top of the cage by its front
arms, like a monkey. It would walk across from one end of the cage to the other
on the roof and sometimes falling down. Highly entertaining.
then Friday night for some reason, monkey rat was laying on the
cage floor dead. The non-windexed rat in the cage was over monkey-rat
oh my god! it was eating its face off! This was a disturbing picture. I don’t think
i need to go into detail, but half the rat face was gone and just a bloody looking
head on a dead body. What the hell was that all about? I dont know.
Now the non dead rat is still alive and happy. Could have rabies or maybe its
now addicted to flesh. Admittedly I dont really know when the rats were last
fed. Most likely scenario is that we didnt feed em, so one died and the other
decided to EAT ITS FACE OFF!
the end. gross.

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