Captain’s Blog, Bar Date 1130

Posted: June 2, 2005 in Brainal Leakage

I seeeeeeeeeem to HAVE

passed out in the SAND AND AND AND
WokeN in This Dark and

it smells…IS mom COOKING??? The STENCH
of cheap wine and menthol SMOKE dancesssss..OH it DaNcESsss

with Febreeze  AND  . . . . . what I can ONLY descRIBE as the SCEnt of GERBIL ASS.

The CAVE Is Moving UNDER ME!!


I need to GET OUT before….HEY , I see some BONES           I
make a LADDER to CLimB oUT. The remains OF a PuppY it Seems…NOT
The Puppies THAT only THe Giant SAND gerbil WOULD dare snAck ON.

OH NO…NOT AGAIN!!   could it be?                                  YES it IS
I must HAVE been SAT ON by a Giant gerbil WHILE past out…THE scent of
GERBIL ASS        the sweet scent      OF COURSE!!!

(no answer as spock is in the middle of a ugly hot girl orgy onthe beach…communicator no where to be found)

I will USE this LADDER

climb OUT OUT OUT out out’s TOo TighT…I’m DOOMED

this can only be explained as payback fOR thAT NIGHT in MEXIco
I should HAVE steered CLEAR   OF        THE   GERBILS

oh…There’s MY SHOE!

*** thx bex, u’r a sik puppy***

  1. TUNER says:

    What happens next?? What happens next?? The suspense is KILLING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. electric says:

    you all just need to calm downyou are out of order..this space is out of orderTHIS ENTIRE EXISTENCE OF MINE IS OUT OF ORDER!!!!i need to calm down….*breathes*…*smoke crack*ok ok..i\’m doing ok nOWFYI – my co author and I are currently working on the next chapter, to include pictures***note to co author: HURRY BEEEEEECH, the fans need entertainment***

  3. Unknown says:

    wow…haha X_x Gerbils are evil x_X……((walk away slowly as to not stir them from their sleep))….*snap* ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeash i hate gerbils….well kool kool….bye…till death…

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