the answer

Posted: May 3, 2005 in Music

I’ve learned alot about myself today.

I know that people either like me, hate me or just think I’m a bonehead.

  1. Old says:

    I like you taste in music and your blogs… fascinating, lol.

  2. Elissa Adrienne says:

    i learned about you that day too!it made me kinda queasy, but i dealed.

  3. Sarah says:

    well…I like you no matter what…*hugs* wanna know what I learned tonight? that people that you think *really* love you….don\’t giving a flying fuck….*sighs* well, I already knew that…but was reminded tonight….

  4. electric says:

    Red – I never forget to remember that people don\’t give a flying fuck unless i happen to have forgotten, keep that in mind next time and things will be alot better. ANd if they aren\’t, that *sucks*. Xeti – no commentGenie – who are you? and thankssss! fascinating is my gay superhero middle name 😀

  5. TUNER says:

    I like you. I\’m not sure what others think of me, nor do I really care. I am the one who must live with myself. Most of the time I am my only friend….(well, only when you are offline!)

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